September 25-28

Clarksville, Ohio

What’s happening during Earth Warriors’ Vanguard:

Thursday Night: Home Coming Dance theme is Beggar’s Night and will be DJ’d by Monte

Friday Night: Midnight Hunt lead by Hunt Master Drake

Entertainment: Sharon Knight, Pictus, Kellianna, CUC Pirates

Presenters: Jacki Smith, Drake Spaeth, Psy.D., Frater Ziku (Monte), Ian Corrigan, Kellianna, Sue Balachak, Alaric Albertson, Taren Martin, Joy Wedmedyk, Alex Wedmedyk, Seeker, Kay Louise, Blacksmith O’Kelly and the Infinity Forge, Seamus and more to come.

Put together by: Earth Warriors Council

Comprised of volunteers from various pagan paths. The EWC’s main function is to secure safe venues to bring together elders, warriors and guardians of various Earth Based paths. Gathering together for worship, education and fellowship. Weaving together Earth and Nature based spiritual practices while removing the illusion of seperateness with the heart knowledge that we truly are a One People. Spirit, Land and Ancestral work are primary focuses of the Earth Warriors Council.


Saturday, November 1st 2014

Elms Mansion, New Orleans, LA


Devin Hunter is the Emcee for the 2014 New Orleans Witches’ Ball!

Gather with the Witches of the New Orleans Black Hat Society as we kick off the dark half of the year with a magickal evening of masquerade, food, drink, music, contests and prizes, ritual, and an all-around revelry that can only be found in the Crescent City!

All proceeds from this fundraiser gala go directly to support the New Orleans Black Hat Society’s philanthropic endeavors. Pagans and Witches of all paths, as well as open-minded friends and supporters, are welcome!


The Black Rose is a symbol of that which is hidden in the dark.

Witchcraft is a path of darkness; of traversing the hidden roads outside the firelight of normal awareness.

Black Rose is a school and lineage of Modern Traditional Witchcraft and is empowered and informed by various lineages of magical, spiritual, and occult initiatic lore including European Witchcraft, Faery tradition, Dianic Craft, Wicca, Hoodoo & Conjure, Spiritualism, and more.

Offered over 13 months you will receive a monthly podcast along with supplemental written materials and Guided Trance Journey MP3s. You will have access to a thriving community where practitioners, students, and initiates can assist you via the forums and online group chats. Students who complete the course will receive Black Rose initiation in-person or online.

A reading with Devin Hunter is deep and personal and will equip you with all the answers you need to set your soul free. During our session we will have enough time to address questions that you may have and is excellent for those who know exactly what it is they want to know.

Devin uses various tools to “tune in” on a spiritual level so as to lend insight to your particular situation. Devin may use cards, stones, Spirit Guides, or Guardian Angels to assist in connecting to a deeper level of awareness. A good reading should give you another perspective while empowering you to make the choices necessary to better your situation. Whatever the area of your inquiry, Devin can help you make the most out of what life presents you.


Devin Hunter’s Spirit Guide Connection is an audio-based program that will help you meet and create life-long partnerships with your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels.


“There is no such thing as not possessing the spiritual knowledge to access your Spirit Guides. That knowledge is embedded deep in your DNA just like the knowledge of how to breath, it’s automatic and instinctual. There is also no such thing as a person who was born without a Spirit Guide. We all have at least one primary guide and depending on what your life’s purpose is there will be several guides that come and go in your life.” - Devin Hunter’s Spirit Guide Connection

Serving Witchdom for over four years Modern Witch Podcast has been on the forefront of Pagan pop-culture, news, music, reviews, interviews with the who’s-who of pagandom, and more! Join Host Devin Hunter for hundreds of hours of the very best in contemporary witchcraft culture.

The Modern Witch Podcast brings you the latest hot topics buzzing around the Pagan world along with music and interviews from some of today’s best Pagan musicians. The Modern Witch Podcast is a show full of discussions and roundtable gatherings that aren’t afraid of being controversial and question today’s Pagan beliefs. The Modern Witch also keeps an eye on events and festivals happening around the States, UK, and Australia to let you know what’s coming to your area.