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“Devin is a link in the chain of wisdom and power for the Craft. He bridges the gap between the modern movement of the occult and New Age, with terminology familiar to more main stream, non-Witchcraft practitioners. He has the optimistic attitude of a coach, obviously from his many years as one who guides and coaches others through tarot, mediumship, healing and teaching Witchcraft at various stores, centers and festivals. Devin has a deeper connection to the old traditions and darker lore that is not put into mainstream guides on magic. His very choice to tackle the hard issue of power head on is proof of that. He’s not afraid of those old myths of the Nephillim and the darker associations with Aradia and Diana from ages past. I’m sure his way will equally delight and disgruntle segments of our Witchcraft community. That is always what happens when you bridge worlds…Those intimate with the true dark are the light bearers, and are often the most kind, jovial, optimistic and clear without being overly sentimental or soporific.”

-Christopher Penczak, Author of The Temple of Witchcraft Series (segment taken from foreword)

-Jacki Smith Author; Coventry Magic, DIY Akashic Wisdom and Enchantress of Coventry Creations

Devin Hunter is this generation’s Headmaster of Witchcraft.  If you read this book, you will be tapping into your own Witch Power and it comes with the responsibility of self-care and balance in your world.  Don’t worry, Devin teaches you how to do this within the pages of The Witch’s Book of Power and you will be enriched body, mind and soul in it’s pages.”

“Nothing like it has ever been written before!”

-Mat Auryn, Witchcraft and Metaphysical Blogger

courtneyDevin Hunter’s new book digs deeply into the roots of what makes a Witch powerful. He doesn’t gloss over the soul-searching work with simple-spell “bandaids.” Instead, he offers readings and exercises that empower the Witch in mind, body, and soul. Whether the reader is in an established tradition of Witchcraft or if they are practicing solitarily, The Witch’s Book of Power addresses the subtle and not-so-subtle nuances of good Witchcraft practice.”

– Courtney Webber, Author of Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick of the Celtic Goddess

ivo“Devin Hunter’s The Witch’s Book of Power is a delightful mixture of the old, the new, and the deeply personal. It offers treasures, insights, and cautions for both newcomers to the Craft as well as old hands. I was particularly impressed by how he wove the strand of Astrology back into its rightful place as one of the wellsprings of power in Witchcraft. You may or may not choose to follow the path that he has laid out exactly, but I’ll wager that you will find something that you want to borrow into your practices. True Witches use what works and you’ll find much in this book that yields results.”

– Ivo Dominguez Jr. Author os Spirit Speak & Practical Astrology Magic for Witches and Pagans

– David Salisbury Author of The Deep Heart of Witchcraft: Expanding the Core of Magickal Practice

Just when I thought most of the wide-ranging topics of the Craft have been covered in books, Devin Hunter came out with The Witch’s Book of Power and proved me wrong. This is no cursory tome. It is a treasury of lessons, each one building up to greater mastery in the psychic and magical arts.

Power is something that is often not discussed, even by established teachers. This hole in learning not only leads to problems in an individual’s personal practice, but within group dynamics as well. The lessons in this book pass on the type of values that build strong witches, confident communities, and a re-enchantment with the world that is sorely needed.  I know I will be recommending Hunter’s breakout book to my own students for years to come.”

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